Correspondence Courses: Taking Online/Distance Courses

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Correspondence courses are university classes that are taken by students online through a distance studies program in their school. Correspondence courses differ from regular classes in that they do not feature live lectures with professors or seminars. Instead, correspondence courses offer all of their teaching through online lessons.

Growing Popularity of Correspondence Courses

With the seemingly universal adoption of the internet during the past couple of decades, correspondence courses have grown increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional classes. While correspondence courses may not fully replicate the experience of sitting in a lecture hall, their popularity as an alternative can largely be attributed to the convenience that they provide for students in various situations.

Advantages of Correspondence Courses

Taking Courses in the Summer

Perhaps one of the wisest ways to take advantage of correspondence courses is by using them to compliment the regular school year during your summer breaks. By doing so you can reduce your course load during the regular year by a class each semester and make your school work more manageable. Taking a half or even full year course during the summer is relatively easy to manage when compared to being a full time student. Therefore it is also a great option if you are trying to improve your marks, as it will allow you to concentrate on just one subject and excel.

Using Correspondence Courses to Accommodate Your Schedule

At times correspondence courses may become necessary due to certain course requirements that you have to adhere to during the year or semester. If there is a certain elective you would like to take that is offered at the same time as one of your mandatory course, or if you are completing an unconventional double major with subjects that are constantly clashing with, then correspondence courses may offer a solution to some of your scheduling worries.

Convenience for Part Time Students

If you are someone who for whatever reason has decided that is best to pursue your university education part time, while meeting other needs such as working or taking care of your family, then  correspondence courses might provide the greatest alternative to having to commute to school or relocate near a far away campus.

Drawbacks of Correspondence Courses

Ultimately the major drawbacks of correspondence courses are that they fail to provide students with the experience of being able to interact with a professor and their fellow students. University lectures and seminars provide a depth and level of insight into many topics that can not be replicated through a textbook. Moreover being in a classroom alongside peers and having the ability to challenge one another’s viewpoints enriches the learning experience and strengthens one’s argumentative skills. Since correspondence courses can not truly replace a real education, it is better that students take them sparingly if provided the opportunity of a full university experience.

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