Disadvantages of Living Alone in University

Disadvantages of Living Alone

Now for part two of our discussion on living alone in university, and a look at some of the potential downsides that you may experience as a result of deciding to live by yourself during your college years.

Disadvantages of Living Alone in University

One of the biggest disadvantages to living alone in university is the cost that can come along with it. When living with roommates, your rent is split, so the more people you live with, the less it costs each of you individually. Living by yourself means that the entire financial burden falls to you. As a trade-off, you can probably find something smaller and cheaper if you only need to accommodate yourself, but generally speaking the cost will most likely be higher and you also won’t have anyone to split your utilities bills with.

The social aspect can be a disadvantage as much as an advantage for certain kinds of people. If you enjoy the social aspect of university and like having people around a lot, living by yourself can be an adjustment and you may find yourself becoming lonelier than you expected.

Having no roommates also means you have no one else to pitch in on the chores around your place, so the dishes, cleaning, and maintenance may be eating up more time than you might want. You should be mindful of your schedule and do your best to find an ideal balance between schoolwork, social life, and things that need to be done around your place.

An Important Caveat to Living Alone in University

Living alone in university is a matter of choice as much as anything. Knowing yourself and how you will react to living alone is an important step and you should take an honest appraisal of all of your options into account before making a decision. If you aren’t comfortable living on your own but have no other option, there are tons of online resources you can use to find listings for renters looking for roommates in your area. You may even find places available near your campus.

You should also make an effort to live in residence, at least for one year. Residence is an opportunity to live in close proximity with your fellow students and is generally a great place to meet and interact with people, and it can also help you to find potential housemates for later years.

Determining Whether Living Alone in University is a Good Choice For You

Living alone in university can be a good choice for students looking to take the next step in experimenting with their independence. The reasoning for this differs from person to person, whether cost, socialization, or geography is influencing your decision, but as long as you consider your options and alternatives and have a clear idea of what’s involved, you should be fine.

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